Kosy Kattie Kat Klothes ® are soft warm fleece and are stylish high quality clothes specifically cut for cat comfort.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are 100% washable.

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Here we have the classic Tux for the Aristocat
Also vailable in Red & Blue.

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Black Tux For the ladies we have a stylish dress.
Also available in Pink‚ Blue‚ Purple‚ Green.

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Red Jacket shown with hood detached.


Red Jacket with hood off Blue Jacket shown with hood attached front & back.


Blue Jacket with hood
Sports Vest.


Vest After Bath & Grooming Coat.


Afterbath Grooming Coat
Sweater Front & Back.

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Heavy Sweat Shirts Sweaters in different colors.

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Handcrafter cat Necklaces.


Hand crafted cat Necklaces Cuddle Kits, includes everything seen plus Heating Pad & Blanket.


Complete Ensemble
Rabbit shaped cat house with 2 plush cushions and a heater. Many colors available.


Heavy Sweat Shirts House and bed warmer with 2 covers and a blanket. Available in Blue and Red.


Cat & small dog strollers for pets up to 30 Lbs.


Heavy Sweat Shirts Available in Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown and Red.